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Lynda - Photoshop CC 2018 E...

Lynda - Photoshop CC 2018 Essential Training Photography

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Topics include:

    Dodging and burning with Curves
    Tinting and toning techniques
    Using color lookup tables
    Brightening eyes and lightening teeth
    Using the healing brush
    Combining multiple images
    Creating a double-exposure effect
    Creating a panorama in Photoshop
    Creating a soft glow with grain
    Creative blurring effects
    Painting essentials
    Type and layer effects
    Artboard and library essentials
    Quickly exporting images
    Sharing images to social media                                                
00 Introduction/001 Welcome.mp47.35 MiB
00 Introduction/002 What you need to know.mp44.26 MiB
00 Introduction/003 Using the exercise files.mp4521.65 KiB
01 Creative Adjustment Layer Techniques/0101 Dodging and burning with curves.mp426.64 MiB
01 Creative Adjustment Layer Techniques/0105 Using a color lookup table to unify images.mp414.4 MiB
01 Creative Adjustment Layer Techniques/0106 Powerful posterization techniques.mp413.44 MiB
01 Creative Adjustment Layer Techniques/0103 Cross process and split tone effects.mp413.03 MiB
01 Creative Adjustment Layer Techniques/0104 Photographic toning techniques.mp412.35 MiB
01 Creative Adjustment Layer Techniques/0102 Tinting images using adjustment layers.mp410.16 MiB
02 Solid Color and Gradient Fill Layers/0201 Create a hand tinted look with fill.mp411.66 MiB
02 Solid Color and Gradient Fill Layers/0202 Make a color wash with a gradient fill.mp410.34 MiB
03 Retouching Essentials/0301 Smoothing and evening skin.mp439.95 MiB
03 Retouching Essentials/0302 Brightening eyes and lightening teeth.mp421.26 MiB
03 Retouching Essentials/0304 Body sculpting with Liquify.mp413.2 MiB
03 Retouching Essentials/0303 Reduce wrinkles with a healing brush.mp46.92 MiB
04 Combining Multiple Images/0401 Adding a texture to a photo.mp416.89 MiB
04 Combining Multiple Images/0406 Creating a double exposure effect.mp412.18 MiB
04 Combining Multiple Images/0403 Swapping heads in a family portrait.mp411.8 MiB
04 Combining Multiple Images/0402 Adding a deckled edge effect.mp410.78 MiB
04 Combining Multiple Images/0405 Creating a panorama in Photoshop.mp49.09 MiB
04 Combining Multiple Images/0404 Combining images from an action sequence.mp48.5 MiB
05 Working with Smart Objects/0501 Duplicating Smart Objects.mp47.75 MiB
05 Working with Smart Objects/0502 Replacing the contents of a Smart Object.mp47.43 MiB
06 Essential Filters for Photographers/0606 Creative blurring along a path.mp425.43 MiB
06 Essential Filters for Photographers/0601 Artistic filters overview.mp419.82 MiB
06 Essential Filters for Photographers/0605 Creating a tilt shift effect.mp418.16 MiB
06 Essential Filters for Photographers/0604 Remove wide angle distortions.mp412.28 MiB
06 Essential Filters for Photographers/0603 Remove dust and scratches.mp412.01 MiB
06 Essential Filters for Photographers/0602 Creating a soft glow with grain.mp410.73 MiB
06 Essential Filters for Photographers/0607 Adding flames to a photograph.mp49.7 MiB
07 Painting Essentials/0703 Natural media brushes.mp431.3 MiB
07 Painting Essentials/0705 The mixer brush.mp420.55 MiB
07 Painting Essentials/0702 Art history brush.mp417.91 MiB
07 Painting Essentials/0704 Creating a custom brush for masking.mp413.34 MiB
07 Painting Essentials/0701 The Oil Paint Filter.mp410.63 MiB
08 Type, Shapes, and Layer Effects and Styles/0801 Type essentials.mp417.18 MiB
08 Type, Shapes, and Layer Effects and Styles/0804 Displaying a photo inside a shape.mp415.99 MiB
08 Type, Shapes, and Layer Effects and Styles/0802 Creating a transparent watermark.mp415.86 MiB
08 Type, Shapes, and Layer Effects and Styles/0803 Adding keyline around an image.mp410.34 MiB
09 Artboards and Libraries/0901 Artboard essentials.mp418.11 MiB
09 Artboards and Libraries/0902 Using the libraries to store content.mp412.01 MiB
10 Exporting Files and Sharing Images/1003 Quickly exporting images.mp413.02 MiB
10 Exporting Files and Sharing Images/1004 Quick share images to social media.mp47.08 MiB
10 Exporting Files and Sharing Images/1001 Save photos using Image Processor.mp45.23 MiB
10 Exporting Files and Sharing Images/1002 Creating basic contact sheets.mp43.85 MiB
11 Conclusion/1101 Next steps.mp42.51 MiB
Exercise Files/Ex_Files_PS_CC_2018_EssT_Photography.zip903.63 MiB